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Art and Healing

by Dr. Sundeep Mishra

Consciousnesses through the eons has evolved from awareness of frequency, to that of light, to that of mass, to life itself, through a web of interconnectedness to awareness of humanity to that of self and finally ego consciousness in human being. As a consequence humans are more aware of workings of mind and have focused on mental microcosm but in the process they have lost track of total self (gross body). The only process a human is generally aware are voluntary processes (directly under voluntary control of mind). This disconnect seems root cause for many diseases and problems currently faced by mankind.

There are two ways of learning a thing. Science involves differentiate learning i.e. knowing a thing by knowing the difference between it and the rest of the things (How A is different from B). Thus onset of renaissance led to development of a whole body of differential knowledge which seemed into increase focus on differences at various levels and development of several disciplines; differences in the living (biology), differences in human body (medical disciplines) even differences in mental attributes (psychology).   However, there is another way of knowing things, based on similarities (How A is similar to B). This learning is based on integration and the whole field is known as Arts. With advancement of technology and information we seem to have reached the boundaries of what Science can do. The only way to know more now seems to be with employing Arts.

Applying this concept to the field of human disease and medicine future advances are likely to happen by a process of integration.  We seem to have achieved maximum entropy of the system and now need to move towards ectropy. Simply it means that we have to move away from direction of excessive focus on ego to focus on whole self and onwards. In the management of disease the first part is recognition of disease, the second part is recognition of etiology and lastly comes the actual treatment. Likewise in disorders of consciousness (spiritual afflictions) first part is realizing that ego (a mental attribute) has got divorced from self.   The second part involves realizing why this has happened and only then one can think of spiritual healing. Artful endeavors, focusing on similarities between things help making an individual aware of internal workings of self (moving towards self consciousness i.e. consciousness of both voluntary and involuntary activities of both body and mind) and thus trouble-shoot the problem and understand its genesis and effects. At bio-energetic level Arts (as also many other techniques; music, meditation, application of frequencies) slows down activity of brain from β activity to reach α-θ threshold, a point where understanding and learning is much more efficient and profound (as compared to when it resides in β brain frequency). In psychological disease it is a well known fact that mere finding of the etiology (the cause of psychological disease) often effects cure by itself. But Arts may help in another way, by achieving α-θ threshold; the brain frequency at this level might directly resonate with frequencies generated by DNA or in other words entangle those parts of DNA responsible for DNA repair and thus effect healing.  

'Art and Healing' by Dr. Sundeep Mishra, Professor of Cardiology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India 
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