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Understanding Our Work

A Study of Aesthetics, Russian Folklore and Art

Images of reversal twist follow through many folklore traditions, celebrating the poor fool who becomes king and hence condemning the rich to ruin. For Russian poets like Mikhail Bakhtin, such reversals expressed the creative energy of "a carnival sense of the world." In carnival, voices, laughter and excesses push aside the seriousness and the hierarchies of the mundane "official" life. Carnival shakes up the authoritative version of language and values, making room for a multiplicity of voices and its meanings. The image of reversal symbolizes the intellectual ideal of rethinking: finding multiple levels of meaning in words, images, and tones. The outrageous and contradictory images that make up carnival ambivalence essentially and most importantly require the activity of rethinking .
Follklorists seamlessly try to discern multiple semantic levels through social and philosophical interaction. In the narrative, song, and ritual of many traditions, ambivalence help create a flexible realm of meaning that holds socially transformative potential. The spirit of carnival defies systematic explanation it imbues key terms with unexpected and even shifting, intertwining meanings and philosophical explorations in subversion, laughter, ambivalence, and becoming, emphasizing the dynamic movement underlying "unofficial" language. Caroline as i feel tries to embody this in her art as i can help her express this in utmost beauty through my research and studies. Will keep our viewers posted on this.
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